January 2013- Living a healthy lifestyle and being fit are always on top of everyone’s list of New Year‘s resolutions but are probably the hardest to achieve. I have always put aside exercising, not because of laziness, but due to limited free time in my schedule. I recently developed an interest in Yoga because I could train anywhere and anytime, it was the best way to accomplish my resolution conveniently and it might work for you too. Most people don’t know that yoga is a life-changing experience, physical and mentally, the benefits associated with a daily routine includes improved flexibility, strength, relaxation, concentration, posture and breathing. A great way to learn more and start a yoga routine is the Yoga HD application for the iPad.

YOGA HD is an app geared to introduce poses of yoga and the experience to create your own program. The app offers the user 55% off a 12-month premium subscription for $8.99. The main interface of the Yoga HD includes a calendar to track trainings the user has had by marking the calendar with a flower. Work statistics are asked such as the name, start time, and duration of your training. An inspiring yoga quote is displayed under the calendar daily. A log of programs that are ‘ready-made’ or ‘self-made’ by the user are complied and users are able to choose existing programs based on beginner, intermediate, advanced, or guru depending on their level of experience. Programs are labeled their respective names along with specific areas they target such as stretching, energy and vitality.

Another twenty programs and more are offered with the All-in Yoga premium package where 12 months of extra programs are 1.49 per month. If you’re in the mood to have a program specifically geared to your age, weight, goal (balance, flexibility, breathing exercises, fitness, etc.) level, and your desired duration of training, the personal yoga training option is perfect for you. Creating your own program is another segment of this app where users can choose the specific poses they want in their program based on standing, sitting & twisting, or backbends for example and can choose the duration of each pose. The video in training option allows users to view videos of each asana, before beginning the pose. The pose base is filled with photos and videos of the poses, an explanation of each, and lastly a digital image of a human and the muscles being worked by the various poses.

One of the cons of this app is the voice chosen to accompany the poses sounded very similar to a computer generated sounded voice. This feature did not compliment the app, but there is the option to turn the teacher’s voice on or off. A pro of this app are the multiple options of relaxing music available whilst training or none for a truly peaceful exercise.