January 2013- Did you know, around the world we use an estimated 7 million tons of paper per week? About 10 million trees are cut down a day to produce commercial paper products, although, paper recycling has led to tremendous progress in preventing wasteful production. Thanks to technology, it is now easier to go-green in 2013 and limit the devastating effect humans have on planet Earth.

Most people unquestionably dislike receiving junk mail! PaperKarma can stop junk mail from making it to your mailbox, while reducing wasteful paper consumption, limiting deforestation and creating additional trash. The free app, available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, allows recipients to unsubscribe from all their unwanted junk mail without the hassle of speaking to a customer service representative trying to convince you not to.

According to PaperKarma’s website, US households receive an average of 850 pieces of junk mail per year. For each piece of mail you want, you receive about 20 unwanted ones. That adds up to more than 100 Billion pieces of junk mail per year for the US alone.

This past week, I anxiously waited for the postal man to deliver my mail so I could try the app for myself. Lucky for me, my mailbox was crammed with unsolicited junk. I snapped a photo of a credit card offer that I receive about once a month, in a few simple clicks PaperKarma automatically contacted the sender and removed my information from their distribution list. Now only if they can stop restaurants from putting their menus on my door!